The world of robotics is always fascinating but up until now we have never found a good kit that offered a good experience. We got our hands on the Alpha 1 Pro robot recently which is the next level of hobby robotics with its durable construction and improved servo motors.

Setup was easy and the robot connects seamlessly to the app provided. Connection is via Bluetooth to iPhone, Android or PC for the Alpha 1 Pro.

Easy to use graphic programming allows you to setup different moves or you can get it to remember moves by manipulating the arms and legs and saving them in the app as you go. There are also stored moves and songs for you to download. This is a great way to teach kids the basics of coding.

We programmed the robot to a standing kick and it handled the move easily, thanks to the 3 axis gyroscope and infrared sensors. Some of the pre loaded movements for the Alpha 1 include pushups, forward roll and handstands. There is also a community based website where you can share and download programming data for your robot.

Compared to other devices in toy shops and other stores, this particular kit is definitely worth test driving and doesn’t feel like a toy. What we would like to see in the future from UBTECH is add on pieces and modules to extend the range and ability of the robot even more.

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