3D Printing getting cheaper

The Wanhao 3D Printer now available in South AfricaThe 3D printer has become so popular over the past few years, with so many new different forms of the technology being released. Not too long ago we reviewed a 3D printing pen which allowed the user to draw three dimensional structures using quick setting plastic. It was fun to use but for more serious jobs you need a full scale printer. We have been searching for an affordable setup for some time and at last found one at ‘takealot’. They are now stocking an entry level 3D Printer called the ‘Wanhao Duplicator i3 Prusa’.

The printer comes pre-assembled and consists of a steel frame, an extruder, micro controllerand a standard heated build plate. Maximum print area is 200x200x180 millimetres and the extruder will operate with a few types of plastics including ABS, PLA and PVA.  It comes in at R8500 and that’s with free delivery. Check it out on www.takealot.com.

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