Recycling Technology

3Recycling technology

We have all tried to recycle in some form, whether it was just refuse or old furniture and bottles but why not recycle your technology as well? There has been a recent movement into repurposing old gadgets and computer items. There are two options, you could either recycle to a point where the item is completely different or keeping the item as is and using it for another purpose.

Something we like in the “completely different” category is people making clocks out of old computer motherboards. It makes for a very interesting piece on the wall and the total cost to make a clock these days is next to nothing and parts are easily available. Another interesting one is converting old Macintosh computers into fish tanks. There are plenty of resources online on how exactly to go about transforming your old Macintosh into a fish tank.

In the “repurpose” category there is plenty of savings that can be made, something we like as well. Think about old mobile phones, what happens when they become outdated? Most of us throw them away. However, did you know that you can reuse them? We went scratching in online classifieds and found some amazing deals. For around R200 we could buy a Samsung Galaxy Pocket, a basic touch screen phone that packs a full FM radio, Android 4.0, 4 gigabyte internal memory and it runs wifi.  Now shout at us if we wrong, but that makes for a very cool Mp3 and Video player doesn’t it and you can pop a sim card inside it for emergency use? This is an option over spending around a R1000 on a popular Mp3 player which just handles music.

So we challenge all our readers to recycle and email us your pictures to


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