8 Sensor Parking System

Ever start sweating when the only parking bay available is right up against a pillar or you have to parallel park? If you answered yes to one of these, then this gadget is for you. We have searched far and wide for one of these kits and finally found a DIY system. The system uses 8 ultrasonic sensors to help you park and avoid bumping into objects. The proximity detectors emit acoustic pulses and are able to detect the reflected signal of objects which the computer uses to calculate distance within 300mm. We found that the kit was easily marked with tags that help you connect the correct sensor to the control box ports. The kit also comes with a 2 inch LCD screen which displays objects and acoustic tones. You would be able to fit this kit to a range of vehicles including trucks and the kit even comes with a ‘hole saw’ bit to help you mount the sensors into the bumpers.

You can purchase one of these kits from zook.co.za for around R1500.

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