AMD is coming

AMD Rad 7A while back we would have all laughed because behind every game box under recommended cards, nvidia came up top of the list and Radeon well it was in that small unreadable box. AMD is biting back and bringing in a new line of high end Radeon Graphics cards this year. What’s even more amazing is that they are managing to offer the same amount of graphics processing power as nvidia but at a fraction of the price. Now, Radeon was always without a doubt seen as the underdog but the cards that are coming to store in 2014 will give consumers a big bang for their buck. The Radeon R7 260x is that card that will play practically any game and if you doing animation or graphical work it will definitely stand up to a Geforce equivalent card. The R7 packs 2 gigs of ram that runs at 1625 megahertz and has a total of 896 cores. We will admit that it takes a lot of power but if you want to run that latest Crysis game on full spec then its all worth it.

We see 2014 as being a year of great change, with new technology companies coming on board and smarter faster devices hitting shelves. All we can advise is that you keep watching this space for all the latest!


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