App Controlled

rover oddEveryone that likes gadgets has owned a radio controlled toy at some point in their lives. Whether it was one of those 2 button radio controlled cars that just went backwards and forwards or a multi channel aeroplane model. In the past to control your models you needed a chunky radio and a matching receiver. The idea of controlling something wirelessly just has a unique thrill associated with it and radio controlled toys are now moving to the next level.

Application control has taken over and you can now find toys like helicopters, drones and model cars that can be controlled by any smart phone or tablet. Our favourite toy out now is the four axis AR Drone 2.0, manufactured by Parrot. They were one of the first companies to pioneer application control for their Drone models. So how does it actually work? When you buy an APP controlled device, you will need to download the control software to your phone or tablet. You then pair your phone or tablet via your WIFI connection to the model. From that point, you can control your favourite model via your Smartphone. The positive to this is multiple users can play with devices at the same time without interference and you can control your model virtually if it has an onboard camera.

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