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assassins-creed-unity-collectors-edition-usa-arno-gargoyle-figureThere are so many games and a variety of genres but every so often a game is released that is simply timeless. We have seen it throughout history from Pac-Man to Mario Brothers. In more recent times Crysis and Call of Duty or even the Sims collection. Well here is some great news; Collector’s editions of the most popular games will start hitting South Africa by storm toward the second half of the year. These special editions will be complete packs that offer the games but also a bit more in terms of added value and content.

There are a few packs that will be released first which include Assasins Creed: Unity, Farcry 4,  Destiny Ghost Edition and Sims 4.

So what will you find in a collector’s edition? Here is an example of a collectors pack for Assassins Creed: Unity – Notre Dame:

  • Assassins Creed Unity game
  • 39.5cm-high figurine displaying Arno standing on a Gargoyle
  • Notre Dame Collectors Box
  • Artbook including concept art
  • The game soundtrack
  • 2 lithographs in a stylised envelope
  • 2 additional single player missions

Prices are set to be higher but it is definitely worth it. The Assasins Creed package will go for R1199 on PC and R1499 on Playstation 4. By the way this pack is set to be released on the 28th of October 2014 (According to,  not too far away.

Popular online depot will be stocking the entire list of these special editions and they are all available on Pre-Order!

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