Battlefield 4 is out!

battlefield 4

It is finally here, Battlefield 4 is now available in South Africa on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Amidst the early Christmas shoppers, yes there are consumers that have started their Christmas shopping early this year; we managed to get a copy of the latest game. Loaded, installed, locked and loaded we were ready for Battlefield 4 all guns blazing. So what is on offer?

Battlefield 4 is packed with new features, from new weapon upgrades to totally new game modes. The creators have also made the game more intelligent in that the game makes decisions based on the players last choice, this feature makes the game all the more interesting to play. One of the most exciting and revolutionary features in Battlefield 4 is the “Levolution” features, allowing players to alter their environment to gain a tactical advantage. This offers greater destructibility across the board. All maps have been designed from the ground up to feature epic scale events, like a toppling skyscraper or crumbling dam. Interacting with the environment is taken to the next level, giving players the chance to perform smaller but equally effective actions like preventing enemy vehicles from passing and cutting out power to an entire building.

Playing the new game took us back to Battlefield 1942 when naval combat was a big part of gameplay. Seaborne combat is back with fully kitted out attack boats that pack an array of weapons to assist players in leading sea to land strikes. The overall physics of the water has also been tweaked, so expect rolling waves, choppy waters and sea storms.

This may come as a small upgrade but in Battlefield 4 the multiplayer squad has been increased from 4 players to 5 players. The new squad capacity brings much more firepower into the battle making your unit more effective. We find the new format more versatile as teams can now form crossed skilled units with engineers, supports and assault team members. The survivability of the squad is also greatly increased as every squad member serves as a spawn point.

An ability to lean around corners has also been added which enables players to peek around corners to see if there are enemy forces.  This makes engaging with enemy forces a totally new experience as players are still undercover when peeking around a corner.

We can’t get enough of Battlefield 4 and believe it’s going to be quite a hit once it is available on XBOX one and Playstation 4.

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