Beware the streaming!


Beware of World Cup Streaming

So the Fifa World Cup is here and we must admit that we have strayed away from playing games recently. Instead we are watching game after game, witnessing the epic clashes that are to become the future Fifa electronic games. There is,  however,  one problem that has arisen in the Brazil World Cup and that is “video streaming”. Many Fifa fans want to be kept up to date with the action on the go but the internet has not gotten any safer.

Kaspersky Labs has found various false advertisements on the internet promising live streaming but instead turn out being malicious links. Apart from these they have found a variety of so called streaming sites that ask users to install special plugins to begin watching live match streams. Instead these plugins are merely Adware programmes that target your systems resources, slowing it down.

So what we suggest? Well if you really cannot get to a screen in a sports club, a friends place or at the shop around the corner. We suggest that you logon onto social media, Twitter for example carries a live feed during matches with tons of user generated commentary to keep you updated.

Cliff Central Secret

Streaming has become so popular these days that televisions are becoming “SMART” to handle streaming content. Off course it was radio that pioneered this move first and like anything, there are always people ready to hop on the band wagon. This year popular morning radio DJ Gareth Cliff left 5 FM radio in the effort to start his own bandwidth based radio station. However, it seems that it has not panned out the way he thought it would.

Gareth does have an incredibly big following on social media and the aim was to use this as the calling card to kick off “Cliff Central”. This week Comedy Central stopped carrying the Cliff Central show as the viewership figures were too low. Following this was the actual numbers relating to the listenership of the show. WeChat quoted having some 108000 subscirbers and several more thousand on Twitter and Facebook. Although social media followers are of value, it really does not indicate the actual listenership of the station. We looked at the streaming statistics.

The public server known as Icescast showed the true numbers. Peak Listeners on CliffCentral were just 141 unique listeners on AAC and 467 on MP3 streams. Mybroadband also reviewed the Icecast servers and found that on the 26th of June at 6:30am there were only 46 listeners on AAC format and 136 on MP3 format.

While streaming is really popular and very handy it can be a reality jolt when the numbers are viewed as the servers log unique IP addresses, something that is a hard fact. There is no room for estimation. We are keeping an eye out for the latest in technology in South Africa and next column we will be having another exciting competition. Watch this space for more.


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