Buckle up for DirectX 11

For the Formula 1 gaming fans out there, get ready to upgrade your PC, either with hardware or software so you can play the latest Codesmasters F1 2015 game. F1 2015 incorporates a new graphics engine that improves the overall visual experience of the game and particularly for PC gamers. To run the game adequately you will need an i7 processor machine complete with a 5th generation Intel graphics card and DirectX version 11.

Not forgetting 20 gigabytes of free harddrive space and 8 gigabytes of RAM. If you thinking you might get away with running low settings then you are going to be disappointed because F1 2015 will require DirectX 11 or it will not run at all. A bit of an issue as most popular graphics cards right now may not work. This is quite a hard stance that the creators of this game have taken but then again the game is fairly niche. So the overall assumption is that fans of the franchise and games will upgrade their computers to run the game, but we are not sure how that will float in South Africa. Perhaps it would be best to stick to a console version in this case.


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