How to buy in-ear headphones

We have had many requests for this article and finally it is here. Readers have been asking us about in-ear headphones and how to buy the right pair. What we have noticed is that many consumers follow 3 simple step rules before buying a pair of these types of headphones. They first look at the design and manufacturers have capitalized on this by making headphones with various designs and colours. The second rule is the price because at the end of the day we all have a budget. The third and last rule is the ‘brand equity’, where we look at the brand with the most types of headphones on the shelf and trust them as being ‘the best brand’.

In actual fact there is much more to buying a pair of good quality in ear headphones and you can do it without paying too much. Behind every box or packaging of in-ear headphones you will find a variety of specifications of that particular pair. The first thing to look for is the frequency. If you want good quality bass while listening to music then you want your chosen pair of in-ear headphones to have a low Hertz value (the unit of sound frequency). As the Hertz value gets higher, the sound quality gains a thinner treble sound.

You may also want to look at ‘Impedance’ which is measured in ohms (look out for Ω symbol). The higher the Ohm value, the clearer the sound will be. We also always look at the ‘sensitivity’, measured in Decibels (dB). Here you want the highest value possible as this would mean that the headphones can deliver louder clearer sound without distorting. Our top 3 choices for in-ear headphones are:

  1. Sennheiser IE 80 West In-ear  Earphones
  2. JBL Sync 100 In-Ear Earphones
  3. Ultimate Ears Pro 18



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