Celluon EPIC Bluetooth Laser Keyboard

The humble keyboard that was born from the typewriter has been revamped and given a futuristic personality by technology developer Celluon. Their latest device is a laser keyboard which projects onto any surface. It features a full QWERTY keyboard and a laser tracker that tracks your hand gestures which removes the need for a traditional mouse. We tried it out and were really surprised at how effortless it was to setup and use. It works on both Windows and Mac OS devices and offers an interesting alternative to the standard keyboard. Although it was exciting to use we did miss the sound of hitting keys on a traditional raised keyboard. This was more apparent while playing games.

It is a great alternative if you want a full keyboard on the go or add that next level of chic to the apartment. Get yours this weekend from ‘Techable’ (www.techable.co.za) for around R1543.05.

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