Cinema in a box

Ever attend a braai or a party and you have to pass your phone around so your friends and family can see a funny video or a picture? It gets worse when you pass your phone around for one image and suddenly your whole gallery is being explored. We know that feeling all too well and were glad to find out about mobile projectors. There are a variety of mobile projectors on the market that sport LED technology and accept a variety of inputs. These are very handy units for quick presentations or sharing media with family and friends. We went in search of one better and mind you the price of what we found will have you running to buy one.

“Smartphone Projector 2.0” has hit South Africa by storm. It’s a box made from cardboard finished in a luxurious matt finish laminate that contains a clever lens inside. To set it up all you have to do is insert your smartphone in to the box and and enjoy the show. No need for a power supply or any external accessories. The lens inside the box focuses the light emitted from your Smartphone screen to project it on any flat surface. We tried it out and were impressed however we would stick to slightly darkened spaces and for best results a flat monochrome wall seemed to work best.  At just R295 ( it’s a cool little gadget to have and very handy too.

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