Eco Tank

One of the biggest issues with inkjet printers is their small capacity ink tanks. Printer companies have tried to offer extra volume tanks but they to give you just a little more life before running out. The first printer we purchased was an Epson Stylus inkjet printer. The brand was strong but cartridge prices were exorbitant and we constantly thought twice before printing colour photographs. However, Epson have grown from this and recently launched their new inkjet printer system called “Eco Tank”.  Eco Tank printers use large capacity ink reservoirs that will offer up to 2 years worth of printing before they need refilling. Epson also promises that replacement inks will cost far less at around R170 or less per bottle.

Epson eco tank 2

Epson have also changed the tables on the current printer trends. Thus far we have been paying less for the hardware and printer manufacturers have been making the bulk of their income on the replacement ink cartridge market. An Epson Eco Tank printer will cost far more than traditional inkjet printers but will have cheaper operating costs. There are 5 Epson Eco Tank models to choose from depending on your needs but they all offer high print speeds and print yields.

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