Fifa 2014

It is back and back with a bang, the latest instalment of Fifa is out with Fifa 2014 – World Cup Brazil. Not too long ago you may have read our review on Fifa 2013, a game that impresses us it use of next generation intelligence and graphics. This time around Electronics Arts have taken up a notch.

We recently received a review edition of the game and decided to see what makes this particular version of the game better than the previous. For starters the load time into the game is much faster. WE then went on to look at the features. Fifa 2014 has a total of 11 game modes, 21 unique stadiums and 203 national teams. Ultimate team is probably the highlight of this edition. The Ultimate team mode allows the player to hand pick a team from of the worlds all time top players. Built onto that Electronics Arts have added something they call the “Deeper Chemistry System” which will allow you to customize your squad to play in different styles. Now that is impressive as your dream team is brought to life. Basically what Electronic Arts aimed for here was the fact that in real world football, every player has a unique way of thinking and making quick decisions. They have not only added this facet to the gaming experience but also allowed the game player to edit these characteristics.

Team mate intelligence has definitely also improved. After playing the game for about an hour, we saw that the games intelligence sets up the players in a unique way per scenario. We noticed that attacking players watch the backline to avoid being offside and that the centre forward player will now back into the defender to get possession of the ball.

It sounds a bit technical but the new Fifa 2014 game has quite a bit intelligence built into it to make the gaming experience much more real. Even the crowd animations and commentary have revised. Another great weekend game!


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