Fifa 2015

By Imran Khan


So we have played Fifa ever since it was first released in 1994. Over the years we have seen huge developments being made in this game. When ‘Fifa 2014’ was released we thought Electronic Arts had finally perfected it because we enjoyed it so much.

However, the good team from EA Sports did not rest on their laurels and made an even better iteration of the popular sports game in the form of Fifa 2015. For those that are hearing about this game for the first time, ‘Fifa’ is a game all about soccer, or football as it is known in certain parts of the world.
At a glance ‘Fifa 2015’ would seem as if nothing has changed from Fifa 2014, which would make your transition to the new game much easier. However, once we started playing we noticed the subtle changes and refinements made to it. It seems that EA Games have taken ‘Fifa 2014’ as the skeleton and really added the flesh on it to produce ‘Fifa 2015’.

The first characteristic we noticed was emotions and reactions being much more genuine. Players respond to big moments more realistically both in cut scenes as well as during actual gameplay moments. Each player also has a unique attitude during game play which makes for a totally different playing experience compared to previous ‘Fifa’ games. Rightly so, Electronic Arts have said that “Emotion and intensity is one of the core pillars of ‘Fifa 2015’.”
Besides emotions, EA have revised the way goalkeepers react to situations as well. Their intelligence and animations have been drastically upgraded. In the past goalkeepers would only react if the ball directly touched them. Now, they react more realistically, throwing out a leg or a finger tip to try and block a goal from being scored. This includes new animations for deflecting shots.

Probably our favourite advancement in this game is the player interaction when you have possession of the ball, or are trying to tackle the opposition. We found the players to be more physical with shirt pulling and pushing tactics being more animated.
The verdict you ask? ‘Fifa 2015’ represents the best football simulator available at the moment. The research and development put into the game can really be enjoyed and nothing beats the feeling of being the wining 11 in front of a rapturous stadium crowd.

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