Full Steam ahead

The new steam controller, made by Valve, will be available in South Africa soon says Dell Computers. They have not announced pricing or a launch date as yet but gamers around the country are waiting anxiously to get their hands on it. Valve has designed this gaming controller with gamers for gamers, so it offers the same precision control you would get with a keyboard and mouse setup.

The Steam Controller also fits in with the bigger plan that Valve has which is to roll out their gaming platform. This gaming console has been in the pipeline for some time now but it seems that they have ironed out the creases and ready to bring it to market. Steam Machine, as it will be known, will have the same power as a PC and run on Valves Linux based operating system.

We have heard that most of this hardware will be available by November 2015 but no definitive date has been given yet as to when it will be available in South Africa. The great news is that Alienware, a subsidiary of Dell, have launched a Steam Machine already that is available in South Africa. The Alienware Alpha console is now available at Dion Wired Stores for around R11,500. It allows you to play PC games on TV and because it is powered by Windows 8 there is a lot more you have access to in terms of internet content and Steam games and entertainment. This particular model is powered by an i5 processor, runs 8 gigabytes of memory and has 2 terabytes of hard drive space. In terms of price we do feel it comes in slightly high as it plays in the gaming console space but to put it into perspective the total computing power and cost of this console is comparable to building a high powered desktop PC from scratch. With the Desktop PC possibly costing much more.

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