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We were introduced to ‘Gee Wiz’ recently, a site that specialises in gadgets that are available locally. They stock a huge range of items from novelty to necessity. They also offer overnight shipping on orders for just R49, country wide. Here are some of our picks from

Portable Electronic Luggage Scale


This handy device uses clever electronic circuitry and strain gauges to calculate the weight of your bag. Simply hook up the device to you bag and lift it. Within seconds it calculates the total weight of your bag, preventing those embarrassing surprises at check in. The device is great to take on overseas trips so you can make sure that your bags are within the luggage weight requirements. Expect to pay R199 online.

 Keychain Alcohol Breathalyzer


Here is an interesting device that can sample your breath for alcohol and it fits onto your keychain. The device has a sensitivity of 0.1 milligrams (Safe level) up to 0.25 milligrams (Danger level). It takes 2 AAA batteries and has a built in torch. Expect to pay R109 online.

Digital Watt Meter


Nowadays we are such slaves to plug points; whether it’s to plug in our gaming consoles and gadgets, or charge our power hungry Smartphones. This device will measure how much electricity your appliances consume individually. The watt meter plugs into your wall socket and the appliance plugs into the watt meter directly. It will measure current voltage, total Kilowatt hours consumed and current electricity consumption, all in real time. You can also input electricity cost and the device will calculate total consumption cost. Expect to pay R449 online.

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