Gaming Consoles – Are they worth it?

Gaming consoles have been around forever. From the simple Atari machines to today’s Sony Play station systems. With each new console came new advancements in gaming and entertainment. We decided to do a feature on gaming consoles both new and old. We went through online classifieds and spoke to gaming experts to find out what they would spend their money on if they were to buy a console today. Here is a list of the top 3 machines that came up to the top of the pile:

1. Sony Play station 1,2,3 or 4
Many consumers swear by this system, they believe that there is no substitute. Sony has been bringing us the Play station console since 1994 and believe it or not it was originally a joint venture between Sony and Nintendo. The first game “Ridge Racer” kicked off the revolution with its not so great graphics by modern standards but it was great. Sony evolved their system to the Play station 2 which was an instant success well into the new millennium after being superseded by the PS3 console. Soon to hit South African retailers is the PS4, bringing with it a new gaming experience which runs on a x86 system and puts a new gaming controller in the hands of gamers.

2. Nintendo DS systems
Nintendo are a favourite amongst younger consumers in South Africa. The latest DS system the 3DS on sale in South Africa at the moment has reached record heights for Nintendo in SA. Nintendo have kept it simple, staying with the cartridge concept, games are still stored on a solid state drive that can be loaded into a console. They have upped the ante by adding the 3D system and it definitely improves playing on the console. Or perhaps it is the famous Italian plumber, Mario, which has won them the fame but whatever it is, kids love it and with the 3D system it has gained momentum in the pocket console market. All together the 3DS offers a cost effective gaming experience to new time gamers.

3. XBOX 360
After the PS3 the next console SA consumers would opt for is Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console. With Sony being so bold on the game market Xbox has been somewhat of an underdog. However, gamers that were brave enough to give their consoles a go were not disappointed. Apart from just gaming, it is also a multi media device and offers the Kinect wireless control system. Games made popular on this system include Splinter Cell, Forza and Halo. The biggest benefit of xbox is the fact that Microsoft promotes online gaming and let us just tell you that the online world of “Xbox LIVE” is HUGE!
So that concludes our top 3 consoles round up. Let us know what your favourite console is!
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