Gaming gone mobile

real racing 2

Mobile gaming has become such an important part of the gaming industry that technology companies are investing more and more into it daily. We have seen countless handheld game consoles over the years, too many to list. However, the new trend in mobile gaming is now smart phones. The smart phones of today are running high end technology and most us do not even know it. For example, the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 has a quad core processor zooming at 1900 megahertz, a graphics chip and 2 gigabytes of memory.

Now that’s some big numbers for a piece of technology that we know was made for the sole purpose of making phone calls and sending instant messages. Back to gaming, with enough processing power and a high definition display, today’s smart phones can handle games easily and we not talking about the snake game.

For instance, the biggest game software producer, Electronics Arts, have started making high quality games just for Android devices. Titles that we really enjoy are “Real Racing 3” and “Fifa 14”. Gaming is taking a turn yet again and going portable is the winner here as game players get the same quality experience on a portable device versus a console that needs some physical setup.

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