Graphics Card Mayhem!

Graphics CardGraphics Cards

We went on the quest to find South Africa’s most powerful and expensive graphic cards and found out what makes these cards particularly special. At a whopping R21198 we found the AMD Radeon R9 295X2 card. This card looks mean with an additional cooling system attached to it. Inside it runs 8 gigabytes of video ram with a processing sped of 5 gigahertz. It also runs 2 512 bit buses and absorbs 500 watts to operate. It’s a beast that will probably process anything thrown at it.

Next up we found the Nvidia Geforce GTX Titan Black! This card has specifications similar to the AMD card but it only runs one graphics processing unit. It goes for around R17000 today and takes just half the power compared to the AMD Radeon R9.

Last but not least is another AMD card, this time the AMD Radeon HD 7990. This particular card goes for around R13000 and also packs quite a punch. It runs 6 gigabytres of video RAM and processes at 6 gigahertz to deliver gaming on full spec for days.

All these cards are very powerful and will run any game on full spec while still having enough in the tank to do more.


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