Graphics Power House

GF_GTX_Titian_Z_top_2Height_DarkerPCIThe modern graphics card has grown from the humble megabyte sizes to today’s gigabyte powered beasts. Off course as gamers we know that you can never have enough graphics processing abilities with the current demands that PC games have. For example, when the Crysis game was released, we all scrambled for the best graphics cards as it was a highly demanding game. Yet, 2 years down the line the popular Crysis PC game became just another game that could be played with onboard graphics on your laptop.

So why are we telling you this? Well, companies likes Nvidia are pushing the boundaries and have released a record breaking graphics card, not forgetting to mention the record breaking price tag it carries. Their latest graphics card, the Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Z goes for a whopping R45000. That sort of money buys you 12 gigagbytes of DDR 5 graphics processing power with a maximum output resolution of 4096×2160. Yes you guessed it, thats 4K resolution, which is in the realm of Ultra High Definition. This rockets Nvidia to the next generation and dethrones the AMD R9 card that has held the top spot for so long.

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