Guitar tuning

Roadie tuner 1

The guitar is one of the most iconic musical instruments in the music industry. It is both versatile and customisable and each musician has their signature model. The simple six string has been taken up by millions of people over the years, each with the dream to play like their favourite artist. However the first thing any beginner should learn to do is how to tune the guitar correctly. The first way relies on a good ear so that you can pick up the pitch of each string but to be honest not all of us are that gifted. The Gibson guitar company was the first company to patent the Robot tuning system. It is a system that uses servo motors on the machines heads to automatically tune your guitar for you while you strum.

However, the cost of such a guitar was quite high so the guys from Roadie came up with one better. Roadie is company funded by project Kickstart, an online community that assists in raising funds to develop new ideas. Roadie has made a guitar tuner that has a built in servo motor. The unit automatically picks up the notes played and adjusts the string tension accordingly. It’s an amazing piece of technology that will help so many new guitar players around the world. We salute the Kickstart project for funding new technology this week.

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