Handpresso Auto

Handpresso Auto. Image 1For most of us there is no better way to start the morning than with a fresh cup of steamy, rich smelling coffee.  Coffee originated around the world, with each civilisation preparing it in a different way. Europe gave us the ‘coffee machine’ method and nowadays it’s as simple as popping a coffee pod into a machine and out comes your favourite espresso. French company ‘Handpresso’ took it a step further with their portable, 12 volt powered machine known as the ‘Handpresso Auto’. At first glance it looks quite serious with an external temperature gauge, high quality cable and sturdy design.  This handy little unit will process ‘Coffee Pods’ and ground coffee using water and 16 bars of pressure (16 times atmospheric pressure at sea level) to produce a standard shot of Espresso on the go!

It is convenient and easy to use, however demands a premium price for what it is – a portable machine. For the same cost we would invest in a good coffee machine that can do a bit more. However, if you looking for coffee on the go or on camping trips, this is a must.

Get yours at Mantality.co.za for around R2995.

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