Heart Rate Monitors

polar multiWinter is slowly coming to a close and spring is just around the corner. This means that a lot of people are starting to gym and diet for the upcoming summer. This got us wondering about the ideal gadget that a budding fitness nut can take with them to the gym to help them track their progress.

Heart Rate monitors came out top of the charts. It’s a device that’s portable, easy to use and quite rugged for the gym. Ideally what you need in a heart rate monitor is an accurate measurement of your heart rate so that you can maintain it for maximum fat burning. Coupled to that the device also needs to tell you how many calories you burnt a key piece of information to track your daily progress. Heart rate monitors are available at all price points and brands, the best and longest standing being the POLAR Brand. At your local sports shop you may also find brands like Tom Tom, Nike, Adidas to name a few.

They all do the same thing but at different limits of accuracy depending on the technology inside the wristwatch and chest strap. Our picks are the following:

  1. The Polar V800 Multisport (High End)
  2. Tom Tom Multisport with Altimeter (Mid Range)
  3. Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor (Entry Level)

The top 3 focuses on the price range as well as the technology of each watch. If you still starting off, invest in an entry level watch to get used wearing and using a heart rate monitor. One of the biggest complaints with these gadgets is the chest straps, either being too tight or causing chaffing. However, companies offer a variety of add on pieces as well so be on the lookout for these. Happy exercising Gadget Buddies!

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