Jet Packs available soon

Martin aircraft has announced that it will be releasing its Jetpack to the world in 2016. It is an amazing piece of engineering that has been summarized into a wearable package. The Martin Jet Pack has a 200 horsepower low vibration engine that will give you speeds of about 74 kilometers an hour. It carries a standard fuel capacity of 45 litres, comparable to a small car and will offer a flying range of up to 50 kilometres.

They have been designing it with safety being the number one priority and set limits on many of its specifications. The altitude is set for just 900 metres above ground and the pack although wearable has been designed as a full aircraft complete with landing gear and cage surround for the pilot. So what will it cost? Martin have said that one of these cool toys will cost you 150,000 Dollars in 2016 and in South Africa that equates to about 1,8 million Rands, dependant on the exchange rate. Sure it will alleviate the hassle to drive to work or exit a crowded stadium after the game but for that sort of price we’ll wait a bit longer.

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