Laptop Graphics Stepped Up – GTX 980

The issue of Laptop Graphics has been a major challenge for many manufacturers and has racked up quite a bit of debate in online forums. The challenge has always been to make a Graphics Processing Unit that is efficient yet stands up to its Desktop PC versions. NVIDIA has been the forerunner in this quest and has released Graphics Processing Units (GPU) that offered gamers a chance to really push the capabilities of their Laptop computers. NVIDIA recently unveiled their latest GPU for Laptops called the GTX 990M.



Their latest GPU stands up to the desktop version called the ‘Geforce GTX 980’ with 2048 CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) cores and runs at an impressive 1190 Megahertz. While NVIDIA’s mobility cards may not have boost functionality, the GTX 990M still has a higher base core speed than even the GTX 980. This firmly places NVIDA at the top of the mobile GPU market.


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