LG G5 coming to SA

LG revealed that their latest flagship Smartphone for 2016 will be available in South Africa from the 15th of April. The device will cost around R11,799 and come in at around R629 on contract (depending on carrier). This will be the first modular Smartphone from the South Korean company with an all metal design, giving it a premium look and feel.  LG has chosen to go with a 5.3 inch QHD display this time and the focus was to make it more ergonomic. So they have maximized the total coverage of the active part of the display as close to the edge of the device as possible to allow users to operate the phone with just one hand.

We are all looking for good camera quality these days and the G5 does not disappoint. It packs a 16 megapixel rear camera and an 8 megapixel front facing camera. Here is the kicker with the camera; it has both normal and wide angle lenses. The wide angle mode will give you a 135 degree view of the world so you can capture so much more for those quality instagram posts. If there is anything that stands out more for us it has to be the ‘Magic Slot’ capability. The phone is based on a modular design so you can in fact pull it apart easily to upgrade things like the camera, audio, battery and a few other accessories which LG will be releasing. The G5 will compete with the Samsung S7 so look forward to lots more from LG this year.

LG South Africa has also confirmed that Takealot will be a key partner for the launch of the device and its accessories with pre orders on the website available soon.

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