The Lumen

An idea o f what The Lumen would look like

There is an interesting musical instrument called a ‘Handpan’ which is popular among percussionists yet very rare. If you search the keyword ‘Handpan’ on Youtube, you will find various videos of musicians playing the instrument. It gives off a sound like no other instrument, deeper than a steel drum,  and up until now has only been acoustic. South African inventor Guy Jackson has been developing an electronic handpan called ‘The Lumen’ and has successfully raised over a million rand through crowd funding on indiegogo. He has created the first electronic handpan which features the same layout as a traditional instrument and has a built in speaker system. Being electronic,  you can change the key of the instrument or even the type of instrument that you would like to play on the pads. The device will offer 4 hours of playing time and charge via USB. It will also have Midi outputs so that you can record samples or plug the device into a mixing desk or PA System.

Although it is a South African invention, it is priced in dollars and a ‘Lumen’ will cost around $599 – $699. It is estimated to be ready for shipping in February 2017. Check it out on and make a pledge.

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