Marshall Styling

Marshall, a popular brand in guitar amplifier technology, have released an active stereo speaker for non guitar use. It’s called the “Stanmore” and features all the unique styling you might find on a high end Marshall Guitar amplifier. The unit comes in at around 3 kilograms and packs enough power that has earned it the titleof loudest speaker in its class. It has built in Bluetooth compatibility as well as a stand 3.5mm line in jack input. Marshall have also decided to make it portable and equipped it with an 18 hour battery pack.

Marshall Stanmore Speaker, available in black and white

So what can you expect from it? It’s a class D amplifier with a total output sound level of 100 Decibels in a package that is just 242x140x140mm. It’s also equipped with 2 three quarter inch dome tweeters and a 4 inch woofer. Marshall is famous for their loud guitar amplifiers so expect nothing less from this portable speaker unit as it definitely delivers. We found the best price on Takelot (, a local online retailer, for R4589 and that’s with free delivery too!

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