Martin Jetpack

A few years back we would have seen a jetpack in a movie and half of us would have said it will never happen but for the Sci Fi fans there was a glimmer of hope.  The idea continued to haunt the dreams of engineers and at last someone has made one that is available to the public.

The Martin Jetpack has been developed by Glenn Martin, Martin Aircraft Company, and an enthusiastic team of engineers. It uses an efficient propulsion system and modern composite materials to help individuals achieve personal flight. Redefining the name Jet Pack, Martins system makes use of ducted fans powered by a conventional petrol engine. On a full tank of fuel one can fly for 30 minutes.

Their Jet packs, though working have to still go through strict tests and final refinement before they can sell them, so it may take a little while longer. We can’t wait for these to come to South Africa.

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