Mobile Game controller

Here is a fun little gadget for all the Iphone users out there. Logitech have designed a gaming controller with a battery for Iphone 5 and 5s, running IOS 7. The controller fits over your smartphone and closes to form a console type device, similar to a PSP console. On the device itself you have an analog D-pad, shoulder triggers and a directional button cluster. We gave it a go and must say that it beats using on-screen controls and gives you the handheld console experience while still being a smartphone.

The onboard battery is 1500 mAH and plugs into your phone via the controller. The entire system is integrated so there are no untidy cables hanging around. What’s better is that you can charge your phone and the controller simultaneously via micro USB.

Get the ‘Logitech Powershell Game Controller’ available at for around R895.

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