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There are thousands of mobile devices out there and the number is growing each day, with the release of newer and smarter devices. With every new device in the mobile gadget market, a new advancement is made. Gaming has always been a favourite for the end user and technology companies like Samsung and Sony have been at the fore to satisfy this need.
Mobile gaming has changed over the past few years, from the pixelated “Snake” games to 3D masterpieces that use the entire device to power them. We had a look at the most advanced games that are available out there for common devices.

1. Prince of Persia
“Prince of Persia, The shadow and the flame” is a mobile game that continues the saga from the popular computer games made famous by Ubisoft. Ubisoft has brought us some exciting titles including the Splinter Cell franchise and the Assassins Creed franchise, both of which were highly successful.
This game has been redesigned with improved graphics and game play designed for mobile devices. The game has 15 different levels and 25 weapons which the player can use to complete the quest. Ubisoft has made allowance for control on touch devices offering an enjoyable gaming experience.

2. Assasins Creed: Altairs Chronicles

Next up is a game from the popular mobile game platform “Gameloft”. They have high quality games available for most mobile devices. Assassins Creed, Altair’s chronicles is a high definition game that has been upgraded with full three dimensional graphics and Cinematic cut scenes. The level of detail is quite good after we played it on the iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablet. It offers a good game experience with an interesting story line.

3.Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Last but not the least is the number one first person shooter game available from Gameloft. The plot is simple but the gaming experience takes this game to a whole new level. The player is part of a group of elite soldiers that must work together to rescue world leaders from terrorists. For a mobile game it offers graphics that are comparable with that of top consoles. The animations are smooth and clean when running. With over twenty thousand weapon arrangements players can choose their path to dominate the battlefield.
These were the top 3 games that we found to offer the best value in terms of playability, graphics and overall game quality. All three games are available from Google Play store and from iTunes. Enjoy!

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