MSI Geforce GTX 760 Hawk

MSI has announced that they will be introducing their latest graphics card, the GTX 760 Hawk, in South Africa as well. This is one of the company’s fastest graphics cards released to date in partnership with Nvidia. With technology growing so fast, MSI have decided to over clock these graphics cards at the factory and introduce it as a budget friendly mainstream graphics unit. Visually, the card looks absolutely amazing with 2 big 100mm fans and a custom painted case wrapping the card. It just starts by looking amazing. Next up is the high end features that take this card to a whole new level. For starters, if one card is not enough, users can link up 4 cards to beef up the graphics processing capacity. However, you will need to install a larger power supply as just one card takes 2 power connectors.

The new card will run at a clock speed of over 1 gigahertz, featuring 2 gigabytes of graphics card ram running at a speed of 6 gigahertz. This is just how it comes off the shelf, there is still room to over clock the card further. These numbers are just off the charts for a card that will be introduced as a budget friendly unit.  Perhaps the time has come where we will see high end hardware steadily costing less as development in technology surges ahead.

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