Organised Chaos SA Lan Party

We love a good game and more than that, a game with a challenge. As the Gadget Buddies we have played countless games and finished them till the very last stage. The artificial intelligence in computer games these days is quite advanced. However playing a game, be it Call of Duty or World Of Warcraft is just not the same when you play against a fellow human player. There is a much deeper thought process that fuels human reaction.

Okay, enough of the serious stuff.  We attended the Organised Chaos SA Lan (Local Area Network) party this past weekend held at the Sunningdale Sports centre in Parklands, Cape Town. It was a blast, entry was just R150 and the event started from Friday afternoon and ended on Sunday at 10am. It was a non stop gaming event, plenty gamers slept over, with clusters of gamers battling it out in various lan based games for hours on end. There were tournaments and spot cash prizes for winners as well.

This was one lan party that we really enjoyed. It was good, safe and clean fun. The next event is taking place on the 5th of April at the University of Cape Town, Sports Hall.

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