PlayStation 4 coming soon!

Sony has unveiled that they will be releasing the Sony Playstation 4 soon. The latest console will have a faster processor and better graphics capabilities. We had a look at some of the specifications after it was unveiled in New York on the 20th of February. The system will pack an 8 core processor; a Radeon based 1.84 Teraflop graphics processor, 8 gigabytes of DDR5 ram and a whole lot more.

Something we found ground breaking was the “Suspend mode” that will be on the PS4. The days of load time and lagging between multiplayer modes is gone. With the PS4, you can put the game on Suspend, which puts the system in a low power state but it preserves your exact gaming session. Simply press the power button and the system loads up your gaming session exactly where you left off.

Some exciting news this week but we are also keeping our eyes peeled for the new XBOX console if there will be one.

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