Most powerful micro-tower

Over the years we have witnessed the growth of the PC Enthusiast, a breed of people that find pleasure in over clocking processors and graphics cards to run games faster and really testing their hardware. Hardware manufacturers have noticed this and had started bringing over clock-able devices to the market. One such company that was founded on this premise was Falcon Northwest computers. Falcon has been around for 20 years and prides themselves on satisfying the niche PC market where users want specific specifications for their computers. Their latest PC features 18 cores and is the most power micro-tower PC available right now, called the Tiki PC, powered by Intel. What makes it even more impressive is the fact that Intel’s Super CPU supports hyper threading, allowing this CPU to be pushed to twice its capacity.

The PC comes in at around the size of an Xbox One or PS3, is liquid cooled and packs an NVidia Quadro series graphics card. It is really the stuff of legend, allowing for gaming at 12K resolution. As the PC is fully customizable it can be ordered directly from Falcon Northwest, allowing you to choose your own specifications.

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