Prosthetic Hand – Made in SA

A low cost, quality prosthetic hand has been designed and made in South Africa. The hand was designed in Cape Town and 3D printed in Bloemfontein. The project was initiated by Mechanical Engineer, Doctor George Vicatos from the University of Cape Town where he spent months designing and drawing up plans for the prosthetic hand. Once completed Vicatos sent his plans to the Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein where they 3D printed each piece in full detail and sent them back to Cape Town. The final product was a mechanically operated prosthetic hand that was more affordable and perfectly suited for the South African public health sector.

south-african-scientists-develop-printed-prosthetic-1Their most recent project prior to the hand was heart valves. This is really impressive and a sure sign of the bright minds available in South Africa. Vicatos is yet to test his design on a human patient but there is firm interest already from people who would benefit from his invention.

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