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Go Pro Option 1.3

We were fortunate enough to recently receive a demo unit of Go Pro’s latest action/sport camera, the Hero 3 Plus silver edition. The joy of receiving it was just part one. After opening up the packaging, it was straight down to business.

On the outside the GoPro Hero 3 Plus looks similar to the other models except for the number 3. Oh yes, and that’s how you tell which model you have. The Hero 3 white edition has the number 3 in white and is their entry level camera. Next up on the scale is the GoPro Hero 3 silver edition demarcated with a silver number 3 on the front and is their mid range camera. At the top of the ladder is the ultimate Black edition, featuring 4K video resolution, 12 Megapixel images and runs at 30 frames a second.

After charging up our new GoPro and loading up the provided memory card, we were off to shoot some action. We really wanted to put the unit to the ultimate test so we took it sailing, yes sir, sails, water and all. The little GoPro is a remarkable device packing full HD 1080 resolution on video and 10 Megapixels for images.

Compared to previous devices, this latest unit definitely feels lighter and slimmer. The sound quality has also improved and the entire package is more energy efficient.

We tested out the camera on some harnesses as well like the head and chest harnesses and it worked really well. The clipping mechanism is easy to use and provides for a secure grip on the camera case. The new housing is so much better with bigger silver buttons and a different locking mechanism. Well not so different after all, as we remember seeing this clasp system used on the Hero 2 HD Go Pro series.

After testing the device and putting it to its paces we think that GoPro has really put all their cards on the table here. They have released a product that is simply amazing. From the battery life to the recording quality, GoPro is definitely doing something right and we are loving it.


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