RED Gone 8K

RED is a leading manufacturer of professional digital cinema cameras. They are a company that really puts a lot of money in research and development to bring the next generation of video capturing to the world. Most of us are still trying to grasp 4k video, whether it’s on our Smartphones or smart televisions. RED have just launched their 8K video camera called the ‘8K Weapon’. This camera will use their patented ‘Helium’ 35.4 megapixel CMOS sensor technology to capture 8k video at 60 frames per second. That equates to roughly 300 megabytes per second of video captured. The numbers are just ludicrous, but the final quality of the video captured is so real it is quite scary. The great news is that the film industry is so excited about this new camera that RED’s first batch is already sold out and they come in at a hefty 60000 U.S. Dollars per kit (includes software, battery packs and lenses). Although it may not come to South Africa in the near future, versions of the 8K sensor will soon be available on high end DSLR camera’s, with a few manufacturers already offering 6K resolution.

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