Remote Control Arm Kit

Avid fans of the popular television series ‘The Big Bang Theory’ would have remembered an episode in which a robotic arm was unveiled. The arm was, as described in that episode, made to carry out repairs on the international space station. You can now own your very own robotic arm and don’t need an advance degree from MIT to have one.

Robo Arm 1

We found a Robotic arm kit that is easy to assemble and all you will need is a pair of wire cutters and a screwdriver. It does not carry very heavy loads and is a great project to understand the basic mechanics of the arm as all the joints are visible. It does come with a remote control; however some people have taken the project a step further by installing automation technology.

The Robot Arm kit can be bought from ‘Mantality’, a local online supplier and will cost R995 for the complete kit. As with most electric gadgets, batteries not included. We have also found this unit available on popular South African auction site ‘Bidorbuy’, however if you choose this route make sure that you enquire about the availability of the item before making the purchase.

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