Samsung Gear 360

The Samsung consumer technology machine has been cranking out some amazing pieces of kit recently. We have seen the latest Galaxy S series smart phones, the S6 and S6 Edge, and the latest Samsung Gear S2 watch. These are really cool gadgets to have but the tech giant is not going to stop there. Their latest offering will be called the ‘Samsung Gear 360’ and is basically a new type of camera that is capable of recording everything around you.

Packed into a handy sphere is a pair of fisheye lenses which each feature a 15 Megapixel sensor. You can capture really high resolution 360 degree videos and still images. In terms of resolution, you looking at 3840×1920  for videos and by using both camera’s onboard you can shoot images up to 30 Megapixels. Despite the 360 degree capability we were more impressed by the exceptional quality of video taken on the 180 degree wide angle mode. The fear with camera’s is always low light conditions and this especially true with mobile devices but Samsung have equipped the Gear 360 with ‘Bright Lens 2.0’ which optimizes the low amounts of light available in low light conditions. This amazing camera has not arrived at local Samsung Stores yet but should be available in the second half of 2016.

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