Selecting a generator

Load Shedding and technology as we have all already learnt do not go hand in hand. So Eskom has published a document that will aid you in selecting the right generator for your home. This document also offers guidelines on how to connect a generator to your home grid. The biggest mistake generator buyers usually make is buying the wrong size generator.

Residential generators are available in so many sizes and price points with capacities from 5kW (Kilowatt) to 50kW. Then there is the choice of diesel or petrol. What you need to always keep in mind is what you would like to power with the generator.  A standard 5kW generator will be able to power your television, lights and charge your phone and electronic devices. If you want more power a larger 15kW generator offers much more flexibility in terms of what you can power.

Remember that you should avoid using any heating appliances as these take up quite a bit of power. Electronic equipment, PC’s and chargers use less power but they are voltage sensitive. The cheaper generators usually deliver spikes and dips in the system so avoid these. Our best advice is to stick to an established brand or buy a generator from a reputable dealer.

For more information and to download the complete Eskom PDF document 

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