Skarp Laser Razor

The Skarp Laser Razor is a new Kickstarter project that is making waves in the gadget world at the moment. Basically, Skarp will replace traditional razor blades with laser technology. The premise of doing this is to improve the quality of shaving, but also to reduce the likelihood of razor burn, itching, cuts and scratches. At the time of listing this project on Kickstarter the makers put a limit of US$160000 dollars, however the project has already gathered that and more. Currently the Skarp Razor kickstarter has raised over US$2 million.

Skarp 1

So how does it actually work? The technology is quite intense. A Skarp razor will use wavelengths of light to cut ‘chromophore’ in the hair. Chomophore is a particle in human hair and is present in every human and it absorbs light. Using this concept, the Skarp Razor will operate safely with, or without water. We must also admit that it looks very cool.

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