South Africa’s Super Computer Champs

South Africa is steadily becoming a force to be reckoned with and we often miss these stories but not this time. Recently we shared great advancements made in satellite technology by Stellenbosch University, where locally developed avionics and ‘CubeSat’ technology will be used to aid in the big space clean up. Did you know that we have a ‘Super Computing Team’? Well we do and they are doing great, winning the competition a total of 3 times already.


The ‘International Supercomputing Conference’ recently awarded the South African team top honours in Germany at the end of June. They took 2 ‘E5’ CPU’s, 128 Gigabytes of RAM, 1 Nvidia K40 Graphics Unit and 1 Infinibad EDR host channel adapter and achieved the highest overall benchmarks. This was no walk in the park, consisting of 3 days and 3 different challenges and a host of international teams, the SA team pushed through. We would like to congratulate them on this well earned achievement and for flying the flag high for SA Super Computing.

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