Steam machines

Out with old and in the new, 2014 here we come. From the Gadget Buddies team we would like to wish you our valuable readers a happy new year. 2013 was quite a year of technological advancement. We saw the Play station 4, next generation smart phones, faster computer processors and more practical gadgets being brought to market. How will 2014 improve on this? We had a look into some advancements that will be coming this year.

Steam machines

Steam has been an online gaming platform that worked with all Valve games since their inception. Gamers may remember the likes of Counter Strike, Half Life and Portal, all of which were games that could be played seamlessly online in real time.  The platform has become so popular in recent years that servers have been created in South Africa just allow local gamers to connect and play against each other. In 2014 Steam has decided to up their game by going into console development. Steam is looking into bringing a pc type console running on their Linux based system for television use. So you could soon be playing your favourite online game directly on your television set. That would be quite advancement, however we do fear that it will kill LAN based events that take place in the city, where hundreds of gamers gather for a weekend of nonstop gaming. Only time will tell here.


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