Stellenbosch University goes to Space

CubeSat by CubeSpace will help in cleaning up space Debris
Sure we could complain about always getting technology late but what if we told you that we are developing cutting edge tech right here in South Africa. SA Universities are stepping up to the plate and we are seeing the fruits of their research being recognised by global agencies like NASA.

In mid 2017, the CubeSpace team aim to launch a CubaSat from the International Space station that will deploy a net to ‘capture’ a piece of debri in space. It will then de-orbit the debri so that is burns up in the Earth’s atmosphere. Professor Herman Steyn, head of satellite engineering at Stellenbosch University, says that the number and density of damaging space debris such as rocket bodies and satellites orbiting the Earth are predicted to rise in the future which could negatively affect future space operations. We were extremely excited to hear about this and the fact that it is technology that is being developed right here makes it even more interesting. To see the video of the ‘RemoveSat’ in action, check out the Gadget Buddies column online at

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