Technology at the Rio Olympic Games

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games are underway in Rio and this year the Olympics are particularly tech savvy, setting it apart from Olympic Games of previous years.

NFC-Payment-Ring-at-Rio-Games-2016NFC Payments:
VISA and the Brazilian Bank Bradesco are trailing wearables, including a bracelet equipped with Near Field communications technology for payments at the Olympic Games. 3000 people were given waterproof wearable bracelets which they can use to pay for goods and services inside Olympic venues at more than 4000 payment terminals. There are also 45 VISA sponsored athletes that will be trailing the NFC payment ring, which is equipped with a Gemalto micro chip.

Photo Finish Technology
Omega, famous for their timing equipment, has introduced photo finish technology to the Rio Games. The cameras capture images of the athletes as soon as they cross the finish line. The camera itself is no ordinary speed camera, as it shoots around 10000 high quality digital photos in a vertical line per second.

Omega Photo Finish Camera

Security Balloons
Equipped with High Resolution cameras these balloon devices are launched into the air and send back images in real time of the area’s they patrol. Each balloon has around 13 individual cameras onboard linked directly to the Center for Integrated Regional Command and Control, coordinated by the Army.

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