The fall of 3D

It came out with hype, 3 dimensional televisions sets hit South African shelves with gusto around 2011 and consumers grabbed them urgently. A handful of companies released 3D TV sets but now claim that it was not such a great idea after all. We thought 3D TV was a great idea but it just lacked something and for us that was the strange aftermarket glasses that you had to wear.


While many industry leaders claimed that 3D TV would increase in popularity, that could not be further from the truth.  The fact is that after just 2 years on the market, 3D TV was already declining in sales and popularity. We think that 3D will survive in the form of cinema, which will continue to run these types of movies, keeping it alive. However, with the invention of immersive virtual reality, there could also be an opportunity for a new way that movies and content producers deliver content.  So although 3D TV has declined in popularity, it will stay alive for its next revival sometime in the future.

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