The humble Mouse!

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In keeping with the Next 48 Hours, we believe that no weekend is complete without a good dose of gaming. The kind of session that lasts overnight with nonstop action whether you battling through the jungles like Tomb Raider or dribbling your way to victory on Fifa, it has to be done. Off course the experience is nothing without the gaming peripherals that make it all possible.


The common PC mouse is a device that is usually overlooked when considering PC gaming. A computer mouse s the main tool that is used to engage with a computer and in gaming it is crucial in allowing you to move more efficiently.  The first thing to consider when looking at a gamin mouse is the ergonomics of the design. There are some radical designs available on the market and they are all made to work better with the human hand but ultimately it comes down to personal preference.

The next thing to look at is the DPI rating or Dots Per Inch value. Most modern laser mice have built in processors to track motion faster and rely on a high DPI rating to achieve this. For example the company Logitech makes a mouse that processes at 8200DPI, about 8 times more powerful than their base model. It also warrants the hefty price tag of more than R1200 but in terms of gaming performance it offers sharper and crisper movement.

When  it comes to the mice, always shop around. Certain retailers carry the higher end DPI units for a fraction of their regular retail value making them a much better buy.

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